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Together, Brian and Suzanne provide a unique experience for the customers of BSK Designs, offering the full service of a traditional jewelry store without the interruptions of a typical brick and mortar location.  This freedom from tradition allows BSK to be a true concierge jeweler with unlimited creativity and skill. And better yet, lets BSK offer a superior product at superior prices and a true guided process from initial idea to the final product all on your schedule.

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Trained by his grandfather and Uncle, Brian Kloss is proficient in all aspects of fine jewelry manufacturing, from model making and expert stone setting to finishing a masterpiece. The culmination of Brian’s many years as an apprentice, his passion for his craft, and his natural talent for designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry are a few of the many reasons why BSK Designs remains one of the pre-eminent jewelry design houses.

Brian’s talent led him to New York City, where he earned his Graduate Gemologist (GG) degree from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). While there, he built upon his previous education, training and experience and developed his extensive knowledge of diamond grading. He also furthered his studies by obtaining a degree in Bench Jewelry techniques from the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology. Brian’s skill has not gone unnoticed and he is recognized by the Jewelers of America as a Certified Bench Jeweler Technician.

Brian, a third-generation jeweler, and a GIA Certified Gemologist for over 20 years, personally examines by hand every stone and metal. He also repairs all jewelry in-house and ensures work of the highest quality.

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Designing and creating masterpieces is just half of BSK Designs.

Suzanne, Brian’s wife, and business partner, serves as the Designer, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at BSK Designs. She attends jewelry shows and conferences to remain apprised of the latest styles, designs, and accessories. With a diverse background in jewelry, fashion, customer relations, and sales, Suzanne walks her customers through the design process capturing their vision for their dream piece. Suzanne works very closely with Brian in ensuring BSK’s clients get exactly what they want while working within their budget and schedule.

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