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Did you know that your appraisal value is not your jewelry’s second-hand value, nor is it the amount you originally paid? Rather, it is the value of your piece at the given moment. That is why periodic jewelry appraisals are just as critical as routine cleanings and restorative services. Having an accurate value appraisal and routine inspections allow your heirlooms to be properly insured should they become lost or stolen.


So, whether you are looking to appraise your jewelry for selling purposes, tax purposes, insurance purposes, reselling purposes or a dozen other reasons why people need appraisals, we are here to help. Brian, a certified professional, examines your jewelry, both the precious metals and gems, and provide you with the information you need for your appraisal.

If needed, we can provide you with a clear explanation of the grading process and measurements used for your proposal. We will also provide you a definitive statement of value with seal and/or signature by our authorized appraiser with a statement of the appraisal purpose on the certificate.

At BSK Designs, Brian, our GIA Certified Gemologist, can provide insurance replacement appraisals on a per-item basis for jewelry, watches, precious metals and loose stones. Complete estate appraisals are also available at an hourly rate.

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